How to Configure Your Pixelmon Server: A Step-By-Step Guide

Thank you for visiting my manual on how to configure your own personal Pixelmon servers! This informative guide will require you thru each of the required actions to get your
pixelmon servers host ready to go, and also some suggestions to assist you troubleshoot any problems you might deal with.
Requirements Before Started out:
Before we obtain started, there are a few points you’ll have to have to setup your hosting server:
1.Spigot and Pixelmon Reforged
To operate a Pixelmon hosting server, you’ll need to have both Spigot Minecraft web server software as well as the Pixelmon Reforged mod mounted. You will discover down load back links both for in the established Pixelmon internet site.
2.Minecraft Host Data files
You can acquire these in the established Minecraft internet site or work with a thirdly-get together service like MultiCraft.
3.Configuring Your Server
When you have the required records, you’ll should configure your web server options. The most crucial setting to modify will be the “server-dock” alternative, which can determine which dock your host will operate on. You will discover far more information on how to get this done inside the established Minecraft paperwork.
4.Attaching for your Web server
Lastly, you’ll must connect with your hosting server using an FTP or Minecraft client such as PlayMindcrack.
You need to now have a totally performing Pixelmon server operational. If you run into any problems on the way, check out the official Pixelmon records for troubleshooting suggestions.
Q: Should I run a Pixelmon web server on my small desktop computer?
A: Indeed, you can manage a Pixelmon server on any computer which fits the lowest method specifications. Nevertheless, we advise by using a dedicated host for your best functionality.
Q: Should i buy your own domain name for my web server?
A: No, you can use any IP address or hostname for the host. Nevertheless, we advocate utilizing a static Ip or hostname to avoid connection concerns.

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