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Broad best vacation rentals in santa cruzhome is found just through the avenue in the sea along with also a short walk to Sunny Cove seaside. This property features a large game room with a pool table, a ping pong table, along with a game of Skittles. Your family will love to spend their period here again and once again. The front deck looks over the properties all over the road to allow to get a lovely view of the ocean which allows you to able to find a whale’s spout away in the length.

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All Vacation Rentals Includes-

• 104 Million Dollar Ocean Perspectives is a ideal house for you and your animals. This property offers a stunning panoramic view of Monterey Bay View from the bed room, livingroom, dining room. And back deck.Minimum 3-night live throughout the offseason and 5 Night stay during Summer and Important Vacations.
• 105/The Aquarius *beach-front / / hottub Decision Enjoy your time and effort and make wonderful memories at a two-story beachfront Holiday property in Santa Crus. Rinse and unwind in a popular bathtub looking out stunning sea views. In addition, host your own BBQ collecting in your oceanfront yard
• 120/Vicky from the Sea- Pets/Walk to Beach Simply Take a quick stroll into the beach, bars, restaurants, Santa Cruz Harbour, along with Santa Cruz shore Broadwalk. Get ready to produce lifetime memories in your special antique vacation house. Minimum stay: 3 Night Minimum Away Period / 4 Night Minimum Summer Season.
• 130 Back Harbor comfort and ease; Santa Cruz; 2 Bathrooms, 2 Bathrooms, whole bathroom townhome at a gated community. For minimum 3 months; $5499, reward picture in specific, £ 4,999 for its very first 30 days.

• 130/Coastal Paradise Ocean Views; fantastic ocean front getaway home on the Ocean Cliffs with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in Santa Crus. Spend some time off from your regular life in this magnificent home which includes stunning Ocean Views across your home.

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