How to Decorate a mug with a Rainbow Face Stencil

If you’re seeking a enjoyable and different way to beautify a mug with face, look no further than this tutorial! Employing a experience stencil, you can actually add some character to your ordinary white colored mug. You simply need a sharp knife, a little bit patience, and several color. Let’s get started!

1. Begin by finding a encounter stencil which you like. You can create your personal stencil making use of items throughout the house or go online to get a pre-produced a single. If you wish to make your personal, ensure that the stencil is large enough to fit on the mug which the design and style is just not too complex.

2. Once you have your stencil, situation it around the mug so you are satisfied with all the placement. Use a piece of tape to safe the stencil in position.

3. By using a well-defined knife, very carefully reduce the design of your face. Invest some time using this stage and be added cautious to never fall!

4. Once the encounter is reduce, get rid of the stencil and tape. Now you should have a poor area in the model of a face on the mug.

5. Following, it’s time to paint! Utilizing whichever color(s) you want, complete the unfavorable place with paint. Make certain that the painting is evenly utilized and that we now have no bald areas. Allow the color to dried up completely before shifting onto the next step.

6. Eventually, utilize a sharp blade or scissors to cut out any extra painting throughout the outside of the deal with style. And that’s it! Your mug is now adorned with a exciting and different deal with design and style.


With just a couple of simple actions, it is simple to beautify any basic bright white mug utilizing a encounter stencil! This task is ideal for anyone that wants an easy and cost-effective approach to include some character on their property d├ęcor. So seize a mug plus some fresh paint and acquire started today!

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